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HTML (HyperText Markup Language)

Just beginning HTML... Read this!
oTo learn how to write HTML, NCSA's Beginner's Guide to HTML is a great place to start.
oTo see a listing of the basic HTML codes (great for beginners), the HTML Quick Reference Guide is available from the Univ of KS.
o 10 Commandments to HTML

Other helpful HTML information
o From Webbie to Webmeister has an outstanding list of resources and links that can really polish your HTML skills. Many nice tricks are discussed.
o Netscape's Useful Links has all sorts of ideas and helpful features
o A WWW Style Manual at Yale's Center for Advanced Instructional Media's (C/AIM) provides a great philosophical view of designing a web site.

Validate your HTML
o XML Check
o WWWeblint Check your html - On Line HMTL Verifier (free for the first 2K)

Registering web pages in the search engines
o Submit-It! is a great place to go to register your new page on a variety of search engines (including Alta Vista, InfoSeek, Yahoo and others).
o Register-It offers a free registration to many sites also. (be careful not to pick the pay registration unless you want to pay! :)
o PositionAgent Monitor The Ranking Of URL/Keyword Listings On The Search Engines, Improve Search Engine Listings Using Search Engine Resources To Get More Hits
o About Robots, Web Crawlers, and Spiders these "automated beings" roam the web and automatically add sites to their databases. If you own a virtual domain at Shamash and don't want s ome of your pages indexed by web robots, read this file to learn about the robots.txt file.

HTML Standards/Info released from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) (Technical sometimes)
o Introducing HTML 3.2
o W3's HTML 3.2 Reference Specification - Proposed Standards provides the official version of HTML (updated Nov 15, 1996).
o W3C explains HTML
o Resources regarding World Wide Web security from W3Org

Web Author's Magazines
o Web Techniques Magazine provides outstanding ideas.
o Web Page Authors Magazine
o The Web Developer's Virtual Library

Advanced Web Features
o Server Side Includes (SSI)
o How to do Netscape cookies. Cookies are a general mechanism which allows the Web server to store information and retrieve the information when the client revisits. Basically used in shopping malls.


Libraries and Clip Art Collections
o Clip Art Treasure Chest
o Caboodles of Clip Art
o Shelli's Graphics Library
o Icon Browser is 114 pages of icons.
o Icon Gif Files from UNCG.
o A+ Art is also very contains many graphics and is well layed out!
o Highland Graphics - Jewish Clip Art are a few nice images.
o Bitsela-Artz Jewish Web Images, Clip Art, Site Styles.

Tips and Backgrounds
o Creating Graphics for the World Wide Web is a great intro to graphic design.
o Bandwidth Conservation Society explains how to make your graphics smaller so they load faster.
o Animation using Gif89a format for transparent backgrounds and simple animation.
o RGB Solid color Background chart find a color and copy it's Hexadecimal code, no playing around with different numbers.
o Texture Land has great background textures
o On Line Graphic Conversions GIF, JPEG, TIFF and many others supported.

CGI Scripting for Web/Forms Interface

Finding great prewritten scripts
o Matt's Script Archive has some excellent scripts in Perl.
o Matt Kruse's Perl Scripts
o Dream Catchers Scripts
o CGI Archive
o perlWWW is a (personal) attempt to index Perl programs, and libraries, related to the World Wide Web by E. Hood.
o Yahoo on CGI has some good scripts and a great list of related links.

Interested in learning CGI and PERL?
o CGI Tutorial is a good intro to CGI's. If you'd like an accompanying PERL tutorial is located here also.
o PERL -- Practical Extraction and Report Language is the documentation for the language.
o PERL Language Homepage


o Cafe del Sol - Java Scripts
o Gamelan: Java applets from Sun
o NetObjective Java page
o Introduction to JavaScript by Voodoo
o JavaScript Authoring Guide from Netscape
o Java Script Guide from Netscape
o From the Ground Up: A guide to C++ is an excellent intro to C++ (I've found is very helpful to learn C++ before programming in Java/Javascript).

Sound Utilities (players, recorders, converters, multiplatform)

o Sound Tools is a short list of sound players for every system type (good to link to this page when you are putting sounds on your web site)
o Mac Sound Players FTP Site

Search the web now!

o Alta Vista
o Yahoo
o Excite
o Lycos
o Infoseek

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o Web Author: David Rosenthal Please send me any suggestions for new links.
o This page was based on an older set of links created by Chaim Dworkin.

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