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Section 8:
Woman and Marriage

  1. What role do women play in Judaism?
  2. What is the Conservative view of the role of women in Judaism?
  3. What is the Reform view of the role of women in Judaism?
  4. What is the Orthodox view of the role of women in Judaism?
  5. Is it true that Orthodox men bless G-d every morning for not making them a woman? What do you mean, this isn't terrible?
  6. I've heard polygamy is permissible among Sephardic and Yemenite Jews. Doesn't Judaism mandate monogamy?
  7. What does clean/unclean refer to?
  8. What is "Niddah"?
  9. I've heard that Orthodox men can't touch women. Is this true?
  10. Are there any rituals for purification after childbirth for women?
  11. What is the Jewish position on contraception and abortion?
  12. How does Judaism view Marriage?
  13. How do Jews find Mates?
  14. What is a Jewish Marriage?
  15. What happens before a Jewish Wedding?
  16. What happens during a Jewish Wedding?
  17. What happens after a Jewish Wedding?
  18. What should I wear to a Jewish wedding?
  19. Why is the glass broken at Jewish weddings?
  20. What is a Ketubah?
  21. What are the "Seven Blessings"?
  22. What does Judaism say about premarital sex?
  23. What are some good wedding greetings?
  24. Can a wife refuse to have marital relations with her husband?
  25. What should a man do if his wife leaves him for another man?
  26. Can a Jewish woman who has not been to a mikvah get married in an Orthodox wedding?
  27. Is it possible for a Cohanim to marry a divorced Jewish woman?
  28. I've heard Jews can't get married on certain days. What are they?
  29. What is the role of the parents or the rabbi at a wedding?
  30. How long after a spouse dies can the surviving partner remarry? Must they marry their spouse's younger brother?
  31. What relationships are prohibited?
  32. What is the restriction on woman to sing in public and infront of men?
  33. What can be done if the wife refuses to accept the get (divorce decree)?
  34. What is the halakhic status of the children resulting from a marriage between a Kohein and a woman who had a non-Orthodox (Reform) conversion in infancy though adoption into a Reform family?
  35. If a Jewish man and woman marry in a civil ceremony are they recognized as married under Judaism?
  36. What has been the youngest age for marriage (not betrothal) amongst Jews for men and for women?
  37. What are all the observances that Orthodox Jewish women are commanded to participate in during the course of the year?
  38. What is the traditional role of women in the decision making in the family?
  39. What are the origins of the Women's Passover Seder?
  40. What is the Orthodox View of Women and the Rabbinate?
  41. What is the meaning of Megoreshet Megor

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