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Chassidic Approaches To Spirituality

Note: These are not all descriptions of these approaches from the point of view of Chassidism. Some are from the point of view of scholars looking at Chassidsim. The Chassidic point of view is best found in the Chassidism portion of the reading list.

Buber, Martin. Hasidism and Modern Man. Horizon, New York. 1958. Humanity Books; 1988. Paperback. ISBN 1-573924-60-1.
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Buber, Martin. Origin and Meaning of Hasidism. Horizon, New York. 1960. Humanity Books; 1988. Paperback Reprint edition. ISBN 1-573924-57-1.
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Buber, Martin; Fetterman, Bonny V. (ed.) Tales of the Hasidim: Book One: The Early Masters and Book Two: The Later Masters/Two Books in One. Schocken Books; 1961, 1991. Paperback. ISBN 0-805209-95-6.
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Buber, Martin. Good and Evil. Prentice Hall College Div; 1980. Paperback. ISBN 0-023162-80-5.
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Buber, Martin (ed.); Mendes-Flohr, Paul R. (ed.); Cameron, Esther (trans.). Ecstatic Confessions: The Heart of Mysticism (Martin Buber Library). Syracuse Univ Pr; 1996. Trade paperback. ISBN 0-815604-22-X.
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Hundert, Gershon David (ed). Essential Papers on Hasidism: Origins to Present. New York Univ Pr; 1991. Paperback. ISBN 0-814734-70-7.
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Jacobs, Louis. The Seeker of Unity: The Life and Works of Aaron of Starosselje. Basic Books, New York. 1966.

Kantor, Mattis. Chassidic Insights: A Guide for the Entangled. Naran Chai Publications, Suite 272 119 Rockland Center, Nahuet NY, 10954. 1990. Out of Print

Kaplan, Aryeh. The Light Beyond: Adventures in Hassidic Thought. Moznaim, NY. 1981. [Collection of Chassidic sayings]

Kaplan, Aryeh. Chassidic Masters. Moznaim, NY. 1984. Hardcover. ISBN 0-940118-33-5. [Short biographies and excerpts from works of leading Chassidic rebbes of the 1st and 2nd generation]
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Mintz, Jerome R. and Ben Amos, Dan. In Praise of the Baal Shem Tov (Shivhei ha-Besht): The Earliest Collections of Legends about the Founder of Hasidism. Indiana University, Bloomington IN. 1970. Jason Aronson; 1994. Hardcover. ISBN 1-568211-47-3.
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Schochet, Jacob Immanuel. The Mystical Tradition: Insights into the Nature of the Mystical Tradition in Judaism (The Mystical Dimension, Vol. 1). Kehot Publication Society; 1990. Hardcover. Volume 1. ISBN 0-826605-28-1.
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Schochet, Jacob Immanuel. 'Deep Calling Unto Deep': The Dynamics of Prayer and Teshuvah in the Perspective of Chassidism (Mystical Dimension, Vol. 2). Kehot Publication Society; 1990. Hardcover. Volume 2. ISBN 0-826605-29-X.
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Schneerson, Yosef Yitzchak (trans); Posner, Zalman I. (trans). On the Study of Chasidus: A Trilogy of Chasidic Essays, Some Aspects of Chabad Chasidism, on the Teachings of Chasidus, on Learning Chasidus. Kehot Publication Society; 1961, 1998. Hardcover. ISBN 0-826604-38-2.
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Slater, Jonathan P. Mindful Jewish Living : Compassionate Practice. # Aviv Press (November 25, 2004). ISBN: 0916219232.
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Wertheim, Aaron; Himelstein, Shmuel (trans). Laws and Custom in Hasidism. Ktav Publishing House; 1992. Hardcover. ISBN 0-881254-01-0.
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Zevin, Shelomoh Yosef (ed); Kaploun, Uri (ed). A Treasury of Chassidic Tales: On the Festivals (Artscroll Judaica Series). Mesorah Publications Ltd.; 1986. Hardcover. ISBN 0-899069-12-6.
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Zevin, Shelomoh Yosef (ed); Kaploun, Uri (ed). A Treasury of Chassidic Tales: On the Torah (Artscroll Judaica Series). Mesorah Publications Ltd.; 1986. Hardcover. ISBN 0-899069-00-2.
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