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The Messiah

Boteach, Shmueley. The Wolf Shall Lie With the Lamb: The Messiah in Hasidic Thought. Jason Aronson; 1993, 1994. Hardcover. ISBN 0-876683-39-1. [An examination of the issues and concepts of Moshiach, as presented in the Talmud, Maimonides and other classic sources, including the public discourses of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.]
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Friedman, Eli. From Exile to Redemption: Chassidic Teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson and the Preceding Rebbeim of Chabad on the Future Redemption and the Coming of Mashiach. Kehot Publication Society; 1998. Hardcover. ISBN 0-826604-85-4.
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Greenstone, Julius H. The Messiah Idea in Jewish History. Greenwood Publishing Group; 1972. Hardcover. ISBN 0-837126-06-1.
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Grossblatt, Ruby M.; Friedman, Aaron (illus.). When Mashiach Comes. Mesorah Publications Ltd.; 1994. Hardcover. ISBN 0-899061-29-X.
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Leyishuah, T. The Chofetz Chaim on Awaiting Moshiach. Philipp Feldheim; 2000. Hardcover. ISBN 0-944070-97-3.
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Liebes, Yehuda; Stein, Batya (trans). Studies in Jewish Myth and Jewish Messianism (Suny Series in Judaica: Hermeneutics, Mysticism, and Religion). State Univ of New York Pr; 1992. Hardcover. ISBN 0-791411-93-1.
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Kun, T. Project Mind: The Conscious Conquest of Man and Matter Through Accelerated Thought. PM Distributing; 1993. Paperback. ISBN 1-880646-02-1.
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Patai, Raphael. The Messiah Texts. Wayne State Univ Pr; 1979, 1989. Paperback. Reprint edition. ISBN 0-814318-50-9.
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Rosner, Fred (trans); Maimonides, Moses. Moses Maimonides' Treatise on Resurrection. Jason Aronson; 1982, 1997. Paperback. ISBN 0-765759-54-3.
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Saperstein, Marc (ed). Essential Papers on Messianic Movements and Personalities in Jewish History (Essential Papers on Jewish Studies). New York Univ Pr; 1992. Hardcover. ISBN 0-814779-42-5.
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Schochet, Jacob Immanuel. Mashiach: The Principle of Mashiach and the Messianic Era in Jewish Law and Tradition, Sichos in English, Brooklyn, NY. 1991. Out of Print [This is an analysis of sources]

Schochet, Jacob Immanuel; Schneerson, Menahem Mendel. Living With Moshiach: Short Readings on Moshiach and the Final Redemption: Following the Weekly Torah Portions and Festivals. Merkos Linyonei Chinuch; 1999. Hardcover. ISBN 0-826604-68-4.
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Schneerson, Menachem M.; Touger, Eliyahu (trans). I Await His Coming Every Day: Based on the Talks of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Kehot Publication Society; 1991, 1998. Paperback. ISBN 0-826604-83-8.
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Silver, Abba Hillel; A History of Messianic Speculation in Israel; Beacon Press, Boston; 1927, 1959. Out of Print

Stone, Abraham. Highlights of Moshiach, Sichos In English, Brooklyn NY. 1991. [A collection of Midrashic and Talmudic sources]

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