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Davis, Avram (ed). Meditation from the Heart of Judaism: Today's Teachers Share Their Practices, Techniques, and Faith. Jewish Lights Pub; 1997. Hardcover. ISBN 1-879045-77-X.
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Davis, Avram. The Way of Flame: A Guide to the Forgotten Mystical Tradition of Jewish Meditation. Jewish Lights Pub; 1999. Paperback. ISBN 1-580230-60-1.
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Frankiel, Tamar; Greenfeld, Judy. Minding the Temple of the Soul: Balancing Body, Mind, and Spirit Through Traditional Jewish Prayer, Movement, and Meditation. Jewish Lights Pub; 1997. Paperback. ISBN 1-879045-64-8.
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Frankiel, Tamar; Greenfeld, Judy. Entering the Temple of Dreams: Jewish Prayers, Movements, and Meditations for the End of the Day. Jewish Lights Pub; 2000. Paperback. ISBN 1-580230-79-2.
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Geffen, Nan Fink. Discovering Jewish Meditation: Instruction & Guidance for Learning an Ancient Spiritual Practice. Jewish Lights Pub; 1999. Paperback. 208 pages. ISBN 1-580230-67-9.
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Gordis, Daniel. God Was Not in the Fire: The Search for a Spiritual Judaism. Touchstone Books; 1997. Paperback. ISBN 0-684825-26-0.
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Heschel, Abraham Joshua; Dresner, Samuel H. (ed). I Asked for Wonder: A Spiritual Anthology. Crossroad Pub Co; 1983. Paperback. ISBN 0-824505-42-5.
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The Heavenly Ladder, The Jewish Guide To Inner Growth. Harper and Row Publishers, San Francisco, 1985. Out of Print. [A practical guide to Jewish self-transformation, for beginners. Includes a brief historical section that discusses the transformational process in Jewish history, a section on theoretical and philosophical constructs, and one that includes a series of exercises and guided meditations, in the Jewish, mystical tradition.]

Kamenetz, Rodger. Stalking Elijah: Adventures With Today's Jewish Mystical Masters. Harper San Francisco; 1997. Hardcover. ISBN 0-060642-31-9.
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Kushner, Lawrence. Honey From The Rock: An Easy Introduction to Jewish Mysticism. Harper & Row, 1977. Jewish Lights Pub; 1991. Paperback. Reprint edition. ISBN 1-879045-02-8.
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Kushner, Lawrence. The River Of Light: Spirituality, Judaism, And The Evolution Of Consciousness. Harper & Row; 1981. Jewish Lights Pub; 1991. Paperback. 2nd edition. ISBN 1-879045-03-6.
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Kushner, Lawrence. The Book Of Miracles: A Young Person's Guide To Jewish Spiritual Awareness: For Parents To Read To Their Children, For Children To Read To Their Parents. UAHC Press, 1987. Jewish Lights Pub; 1997. Reading level: Ages 4-8. Hardcover. 10th edition. ISBN 1-879045-78-8.
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Kushner, Lawrence. God Was in This Place and I, I Did Not Know: Finding Self, Spirituality and Ultimate Meaning. Jewish Lights Pub; 1991, 1993. Paperback. Reprint edition. ISBN 1-879045-33-8.
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Kushner, Lawrence. The Book of Words (Sefer Shel Devarim): Talking Spiritual Life, Living Spiritual Talk. Random House; 1993, 1998. Paperback. ISBN 1-580230-20-2.
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Labowitz, Shoni. Miraculous Living: A Guided Journey in Kabbalah Through the Ten Gates of the Tree of Life. Simon & Schuster; 1996. Hardcover. ISBN 0-684814-44-7.
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Slater, Jonathan P. Mindful Jewish Living : Compassionate Practice. # Aviv Press (November 25, 2004). ISBN: 0916219232.
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Umansky, Ellen M. (ed); Ashton, Diane (ed). Four Centuries of Jewish Women's Spirituality: A Sourcebook. Beacon Pr; 1992. Paperback. ISBN 0-807036-13-7.
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Verman, Mark. The History and Varieties of Jewish Meditation. Jason Aronson; 1996. Hardcover. ISBN 1-568215-22-3.
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Weiman, Max; Schwartz, David (Editor). A Simple Guide to Happiness: From a mystical perspective. Kabbalah Made Easy, Inc.; 1st edition (November 15, 2006). Paperback. ISBN 0974135410.
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Winkler, Gershon. The Soul of the Matter; A Jewish Kabbalistic Perspective on the Human Soul Before, During and After "Life". Judaica Press; 1992. Paperback. ISBN 0-910818-49-5.
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Wolf, Laibl. Practical Kabbalah: A Guide to Jewish Wisdom for Everyday Life. Three Rivers Pr; 1999. Paperback. ISBN 0-609803-78-6.
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There is some objection to the following books, as they use a non-Jewish approach to address Jewish spirituality:

Blank, William. Torah, Tarot, and Tantra: A Guide to Jewish Spiritual Growth. Coventure Ltd; 1991. Paperback. ISBN 0-904575-51-9.
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Kamenetz, Rodger. The Jew in the Lotus: A Poet's Rediscovery of Jewish Identity in Buddhist India. Harper San Francisco; 1995. Paperback. Reprint edition. ISBN 0-060645-74-1.
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