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Traditional Practice

Artson, Bradley; Siegel, Adam (ed). It's a Mitzvah! : Step-By-Step to Jewish Living. Behrman House; 1995. Paperback. 244 pages. ISBN 0-874415-85-3.
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Davis, Avrohom. Kitzur Shulchan Aruch (2 Volume Set) (Hardcover). Metsudah Publications; Slipcase edition (January 1996). Hardcover: 1284 pages. ISBN 1931681252. [This is a code of Jewish law for Ashkenazim.]
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Donin, Hayim. To Be a Jew: A Guide to Jewish Observance in Contemporary Life. Basic Books, New York. 1972. Paperback reissue, 1991, 338 pages. ISBN 0-465086-32-2.
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Forst, Rabbi Binyamin and Twerski, Rabbi Aaron. The Law of B'rachos. Mesorah. Brooklyn, NY. 1988. [A Comprehensive exposition of the background and laws of blessings]

Grinvald, Zeev (Editor). Shaarei Halachah. Feldheim (2000). Hardcover. ISBN 1583304347. [English summary of Jewish law for Ashkenazim, according to the Mishna Berura.]
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Hayyim, Hacham Yosef and Hiley, Shmuel (Translators). The Halachot of the Ben Ish Hai. Philipp Feldheim; 1st edition (September 1993). Hardcover. ISBN 965222331X. [The rulings of the renowned 19th-century Halachic authority followed by Sephardic communities throughout the world.]
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Klein, Isaac. A Guide to Jewish Religious Practice. Jewish Theological Seminary, New York. 1979. Hardcover. ISBN 0-873340-04-3. [Published by the Conservative movement, but based upon previous law codes, including the Mishneh Torah, Shulkhan Arukh, and later responsa by Conservative and Orthodox authorities. It is more than a list of do's and don'ts: Each chapter discusses the philosophy, history and the reasons why these laws and customs came to be. This guide covers daily prayer, tallit and tzitzit, tefillin, weddings, births, adoption, divorce, bar and bat miztvahs, death and mourning, the High Holy Days, the Jewish festivals and fast days, Shabbat, keeping kosher, the laws of family purity, abortion and other topics.]
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Shendelman, Sara; Davis, Avram. Traditions: The Complete Book of Prayers, Rituals, and Blessings for Every Jewish Home. Hyperion; 1998. Hardcover. ISBN 0-786863-81-1.
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Trepp, Leo. The Complete Book of Jewish Observance. New York: Berman House/Summit Books, 1980.

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