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Welcome to the Mail Jewish Home Page, the base of the oldest Torah and Halacha based computer mailing list. Mail Jewish was founded in 1986 for the purpose of discussing Jewish topics in general within an environment where the validity of Halacha and the Halakhic process is accepted, as well as for the discussion of topics of Halacha.

On this page, we have links to the full Mail Jewish archives in plain text/file format, as well as a more web friendly version, which includes a volume level search tool, with alphabetic index with each volume. This site is maintained by Barry Friedman - our thanks to him for this nice interface, and I encourage people to try it out and let him and me know how you like it. There is also a link to a simple text file that is a subject index of all the volumes of mail-jewish. There are as well longer articles that are archived here and their availability is announced on Mail Jewish. I hope you enjoy your visit here with us, and please feel free to send me your comments.

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2003 Purim Spiel from Sam Saal and Company

Piskei Bnei Banim: A 16-page printed Hebrew summary of the conclusions reached in all three volumes of Rabbi Yehuda Henkin's Resp. Bnei Banim, siman by siman
New article by Aryeh Frimer on Women's Megilla Readings.

Rabbinic Statements and Reactions following Rabin Assassination

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Pictures from the mail-jewish Melava Malka in Jerusalem

Searchable database of Kosher Restaurants

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The AishDas Society and the Avodah Archives

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