A Man Builds a Web Site

Tractate Kombutra

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So the man is about to build a web site for himself and his family. And he goes, of course, to his Rav for an etzah [plan] about how to do this properly. So his Rav hands him a particular Masekhta (Tractate), and tells him to learn a certain part of it thoroughly, and to follow all of its instructions in building his web site. This the man does in a most mahkpid [careful] fashion. The web site is just about finished when the man types in the final URL to hold the final MailTo in place -- and at that very moment, the whole site crashes!

The man is outraged and rushes back to his Rav, indignant. But his Rav upbraids him, telling him that the Talmud is not some sort of programming cookbook, but rather a deep analysis of his soul as well, and that he must now get a chevrusah and really learn the Masekhta, with full ruachaniyus [spirituality], and only THEN try to follow the Talmud's instructions for building his web site. So the man finds himself a chevrusa [partner in learning], and really learns the Masekhta. Then he once again builds the web site. He finishes it, types in the final URL to hold the final MailTo -- and once again, the whole site crashes!

Beside himself with rage, the man rushes back to his Rebbe. "Rebbe!", the man screams out after having explained the disaster, "how could this all have happened? What is going on here?" The Rebbe grabs the Masekhta from his talmid, opens up to a well-worn daf [page], reads intently, and then looks up at his talmid. "You know", the Rebbe says to the man, "Rashi asks the same question".


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