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The Choshev Mechashev, the great modern commentary on the Rambam adds the following insights on Laws of Charity:

"Know that when it became prevalant thru our many sins to only give poor people money, food, clothing, shelter and mates and not give them disk space or internet usage the the Men of Dos (Anshay Dos--also translated; the Religious Men) enacted 10 enactments among which were that giving people disk space and web access would be considered as a fulfillment of the Biblical Mitzvoh of Tzedakah.

And why did they enact this: Because they saw that the owners of disk space those with web access belittled what they owned saying: "We hardly pay anything for it and it is not worth it." Thus it was for many years that poor people did not have web access. One Pesach, a poor person from a distant country who was given money, food, clothing shelter and a wife had to spend all his money on getting wine ---and was ignorant of a Pesach sale on wine where he would not have had to spend any money. This exorbitant spending led to strife and the eventual divorce from the wife that the Charity Fund had given him. This in turn drove him into risky partnerships which led to him becoming poor again.

When The Men Of Dos heard this story they enacted their great enactments. And this immediately became accepted in all of Israel till today in any synagogue one can always get disk space and web access. And even the less observant sects of Judaismare meticulous about giving web space and web access just as they are meticulous about giving money, food, clothing, shelter, and mates--for all sects and creeds of Judaism highly respect the Men of Dos and their enactments are universally accepted.

And why did the Men of Dos give their enactments Torah status: In order that the giving of disk space and web access should not be light in people's eyes .


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